Test Done Results
Required PHP Parser
Required Sessions configuration
Required Allocated Memory
Required mysqli extension
Required PHP core extensions
Required curl extension
Required for remote access to resources (inventory agent requests, marketplace, RSS feeds, ...).
Required gd extension
Required for image handling.
Required intl extension
Required for internationalization.
Required libxml extension
Required for XML handling.
Required zlib extension
Required for the handling of compressed communication with inventory agents, installation of gzip packages from the marketplace, and PDF generation.
Required Sodium ChaCha20-Poly1305 size constant
Enable usage of ChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption required by GLPI. This is provided by libsodium 1.0.12 and newer.
Required DB engine version
Required Permissions for log files
Required Permissions for GLPI var directories
Suggested Protected access to files directory
Web access to GLPI var directories should be disabled to prevent unauthorized access to them.
Suggested exif extension
Enhance security on image validation.
Suggested ldap extension
Enable usage of authentication through remote LDAP server.
Suggested openssl extension
Enable email sending using SSL/TLS.
Suggested zip extension
Enable installation of zip packages from the marketplace.
Suggested bz2 extension
Enable installation of bz2 packages from the marketplace.
Suggested Zend OPcache extension
Enhance PHP engine performances.
Suggested PHP emulated extensions
Slightly enhance performances.
Following extensions are installed: ctype, iconv, mbstring.
Following extensions are not present: sodium.
Suggested Permissions for marketplace directory
Enable installation of plugins from the marketplace.
Suggested DB timezone data
Enable usage of timezones.
Access to timezone database (mysql) is not allowed.

The version of the database is not compatible with the version of the installed files. An update is necessary.